Topics Covered

Below is an overview of the topics usually dealt with during the summer semester. In the login area, the schedule and required reading are available under schedule/readings and additional readings Additionally, results from class discussions are posted under resources. The interal area is only available to students enrolled in the course.

  • Towards a low-carbon economy: visions and targets, policies and politics of Germany’s Energiewende
  • Leading the transformation: The renewable energy sources act (EEG)
  • The Energiewende in the European and global context: An example of multi-level governance
  • Is the Energiewende on track? Insights from the monitoring process
  • Which future for coal in low-carbon Germany?
  • Nuclear power and its cost: what is the cost of the nuclear legacy, and who should pay for it?
  • Controversies around the Energiewende: The case of bioenergy
  • Can carbon pricing drive the Energiewende? The role of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Post-carbon cities of tomorrow: Planning for smarter, energy-efficient urban areas
  • From nuclear and coal to smart energy services – What is the new role for utilities?
  • Electricity markets and their role for the Energiewende
  • A macroeconomic look at the Energiewende: implications for investment and distributional impacts